The Most Efficient Mobile Learning Apps for The Learner in You

Learning is an adventure. It engages the mind in a fun ride through the world of unlimited information. In this current digital age, learning has become more like a breeze with apps that enable you develop crazy skills in almost any niche with absolute ease.

If some of the apps are in a geo-restricted area, you can download VPN to bypass these restrictions. Check free VPN settings for Android and get the most of efficient mobile learning apps.

Here are 10 best of these compelling apps that will help you learn while also helping you retain your passion.


The language learning magic

Duolingo is crafted to elicit fun while learning. The language app tops on the global rank scale of learning apps. If you are the kind that likes to get accustomed to other cultures through language or just wish to learn another language for other purposes, Duolingo is the best bet for you. It teaches tons of languages in a very interactive fashion for the most effective learning.


Best innovation awareness app

Expanding one’s horizon happens with devouring more information at will than classroom learning ever demands. Ted familiarizes you with brilliant ideas, creativities and innovations of other people from all walks of life. There’s no limit to what you can learn here. It is a mind awakening exposure bringing to your notice latest trends in the world and important news often not captured in the buzzing headlines.

Khan academy

Best all-round learning app

This is a nonprofit oriented app dedicated to helping students worldwide master eclectic range of courses. These courses range from the sciences to humanities, though the app is tilted more towards the sciences. It makes use of a somewhat personalized system of teaching through YouTube videos.


Best astronomical flare app

The space is a wide one and even astrologers are yet to fully comprehend the length and breadth of it. They are constantly gaining insight day by day as new discoveries are being made. The “space” is a very adventurous niche. Having the NASA app installed on your device keeps you updated on natural occurrences to happen, NASA discoveries and gives you more insight into the celestial majesty of nature.


Best in-depth code learning app

Udacity is a platform dedicated to in-depth tutoring in coding. As a tech guy to be or a coder, Udacity is where your dreams of stringing lines of code to create your dream software would be nurtured, hedged and honed to productivity. Software learning is taught with great dexterity and it is simplified to carry you on step by step through the stages. A little dedicated stay in that “city” would result into a new-found proficiency for you in matters relating to coding.


Best free learning app

Who says you can’t get quality without necessarily paying? edX is well outside the lines of this rule. University courses taught by big time professors of some top universities are delivered on the app in form of video lessons. This happens across various fields; you could select the one that pertains to you. For certification which might in a way be a college credit you have to pay a meagre sum.


For the learner in you

Anywhere you are at any time, you could have access to over 2000 courses. These courses are developed by some of the leading institutions in the world.  Is it music, photography or programming you are looking forward to learning? Coursera is one of the best learning platforms where you could acquire proficiency in almost any skill you can think of. You could take Coursera tests to perhaps earn yourself a recognized certification in your chosen field.

LinkedIn learning

Best professional skill development app

LinkedIn is one of the most relevant apps when it comes to being visible in the professional hire space. LinkedIn Learning offers you the chance to develop professional skills In Programming, animation, graphics, writing etc. The courses are taught by seasoned professionals in various fields.


For the tech savvy soul

Stepik is your one of a kind tech inclined app where you could have access to a wide range of computer/tech related courses. It is one of the best platforms and it has produced a lot of professionals today in the tech field. It holds that prospect for you if you are dedicated user.


Best app for mother tongue proficiency in other languages

(mother tongue proficiency in any language) Modly gives you access to a wide range of languages at a time. The app is customized to be conversational for your most effective learning. It was thought that conversations are the most natural and effective ways of assimilating another language into one’s language faculty. On Modly, you have access to nothing less than 35 languages all in the free software.